Secure Computing An overview of strategies to handle data and using good computing practices

Secure your Devices Learn how to keep your devices secure

Fight Phishing  Tips for detecting and protecting yourself from phishing scams

Identify and Protect Yourself from Unsafe Websites Learn what NOT to click on!

Fight Identity Theft A great resource for information on how to DETECT, DETER and DEFENDagainst Identity Theft

Lock Your Computer If your computer is in an area where other people consider its’ security. By simply locking your computer you reduce risk

Create an Administrator Account Create an admin account on your computer  separate from your standard account for a safer machine, this step-by-step will walk you through

Choose a Strong Password Your passwords are the keys to many things: Protect them like you would anything else of physical value. Here are steps for creating strong passwords

Safely Dispose of your Old Cell Phone Before you trade in your old cell phone, think about all the sensitive data collected after all your usage. Here are some suggestions for wiping your phone before you give it away

Manage Spam While some consumers find unsolicited commercial email — also known as “spam” — informative, most of us find it annoying and time consuming. Here are tips to avoid spamming

How To Shop Online Safely Tips on how to shop and conduct business online safely and securely

How to Handle a Virus Infection If you ever get infected with a virus, here are some helpful tips to help clean up your devices.

Safely Store Your Data in the Cloud