Boston University’s wireless network is available for use by guests visiting the University. Please note:

  • As of January, 2015, all guests are available to use BU Guest without sponsorship.
  • Personal wireless access points are prohibited on the BU network because they interfere with network traffic.

Accessing the BU Guest network

The BU Guest network allows visitors to access the Internet through BU’s wireless network. To access BU Guest simply select it from your list of available networks. You will then be prompted to Request a Guest account. After you complete the registration process, you will be provided with a Guest username and password, which you can then use to log in.

  • Your Guest account will be valid for 30 days; however, you will be prompted to provide it (by logging in) every 24 hours.
  • After your Guest access expires, you can apply for a new Guest account using the same email address.
  • Guests will not have access to University-specific resources, but will have full access to the Internet.
  • Please be aware that traffic on the Guest network is not encrypted.

Accessing the eduroam network

Wireless access is also available to eduroam participants at several locations on campus, including the George Sherman Union (GSU), Mugar Library, the Photonics Center (8 St. Mary’s Street), and the Math & Computer Science building (111 Cummington Mall).

If you are an eduroam participant visiting in one of those locations (and your computer or device is already configured to use eduroam) you will not need to connect to the BU Guest network, although you are certainly welcome to use it instead, following the instructions above.