Boston University provides wireless access in many locations across campus, including the public areas of most residence halls. Wireless access is available to guests who are sponsored by an individual member of the BU community, or by a sponsoring department. (Note that wireless access is also available to eduroam participants at several locations on campus.)

Accessing the BU (Guest) Network

  • The BU (Guest) network allows those with a BU login name and Kerberos password to sponsor a guest, so that person can access the Internet through BU’s network. Guests will not have access to University-specific resources, but will have full access to the Internet. Please be aware that traffic on the Guest network is not encrypted and Guest set-up is a two-part process:
      1. The person with a BU login name and Kerberos password should sponsor the guest by logging in at
      2. Once a guest is sponsored, they should register by visiting from their machine to enter their Guest ID and Account Name.
      • If you are a guest of Events & Conferences or an Intern/Summer Associate staying in a Boston University residence, your Desk Key allows you to have wireless access. See details below.
      • If you are attending a conference or other special program that does not include use of a a residence, the sponsor of the program can opt to provide you with Guest Network access. If you are given Guest Network access, you will be able to register your computer and access the wireless network for up to one week.
      • Note:
        • Personal wireless access points are prohibited because they interfere with network traffic.
        • After your Guest access expires, you may apply for a renewal.

      Conference Participants and Interns/Summer Associates

      If you are a guest of Events & Conferences or an Intern/Summer Associate, you will need a Desk Key (a special numeric code). You will be issued that code as described below:

      • If you are a guest of Events & Conferences and you do not already have your Desk Key code, please contact the Front Desk attendants on duty in your assigned residence hall. Also note that Events & Conferences may be reached at 617-353-3520 or
      • Interns/Summer Associates are guests of the Housing office who are not registered students. However, they have been issued a BU ID number that starts with “U.” If you are an Intern/Summer Associate, this BU ID number is your Desk Key. If you need assistance, please call Housing at 617-353-3511.