If you have reset your BU Kerberos password, you will also need to change it wherever it has been saved. Mail clients and many other network tools will often recognize that they can no longer access the network and will prompt you to supply the new password. When this occurs, you provide the new password and should then be able to connect without any issues.

However, there might be occasions when you are not prompted and, perhaps without even knowing it, make multiple attempts to connect to the BU network without success. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, your account is then locked out from access (a security measure, designed to protect your account from unauthorized attempts to access it). If you were using MyPrint, you will see this as an “access denied” error.

When your account is locked, you can unlock it yourself. Go to https://weblogin.bu.edu/accounts/unlockpw (shown in the graphic below) to provide your last name and BU ID number, and click Continue. NOTE: For faculty and staff, unlock requires use of security questions which must be set in advance (http://weblogin.bu.edu/accounts/update)

Remember that once the account is unlocked, you will still need to enter and save your new password within the settings of whichever network tool you were using when the account locked. If you were using MyPrint, for example, the instructions for updating your password are provided on the MyPrint Troubleshooting page.

[1] BU Login Accounts | Unlock Password Identify