Where do I get VirusScan?

Downloading and installing McAfee VirusScan

Why are the version numbers different from what I expect?

BU distributes McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition, which is slightly different from VirusScan Home Edition. The version numbers are different too. The version we distribute is the most recent version of VirusScan Enterprise.

Mac users: The McAfee anti-virus product for Mac has traditionally been called Virex. Later, it was rechristened VirusScan for Mac.

How do I update VirusScan virus definitions?

Recommended: BU’s VirusScan is already pre-set to do an automatic update daily.

If you have any problems updating, go to the VirusScan Console under Tools->Edit AutoUpdate Repository. At BU we generally use the NAI (default) http and ftp repositories, so if you see any other listings from former schools or workplaces there, see if you can delete them. If you do make a change, reboot your machine. If the update problems continue, you will need to try an uninstall and reinstall as described below.

Alternative: If AutoUpdate is failing, manually download the definition updates.
This link is for the enterprise version of McAfee, which is the version distributed by BU.

(If you need updates for the home version, you must go to McAfee’s home user website)

How do I adjust the protection and blocking in VirusScan?

Adjusting the blocking in McAfee VirusScan

VirusScan is pre-configured to block certain types of programs; McAfee tries in this configuration to strike a good balance between safety and convenience. If you need to, you can adjust the programs that are blocked.

What if I have problems updating my version of VirusScan? (error messages about Frameworks, for example)

Note: if VirusScan has installed fine but you are having problems updating your virus definitions, please see the “Updating VirusScan” section above.

If you see any error messages when you try to install VirusScan, ensure other Anti-Virus products included other versions of McAfee are uninstalled.