IS&T maintains a site license for McAfee VirusScan (Windows and Mac), so you can download and use itĀ for free if you have a BU login name and Kerberos password. Anti-virus and anti-spyware software is crucial in today’s networked environment. Increasingly sophisticated new viruses and spyware exploits appear daily. They can severely disrupt your work and the work of others, and destroy your files. Without your awareness, they can spy on your computer use, steal your identity and bank accounts, and turn your PC into a spam-spewing zombie or a repository for illicit materials, for which you may be held legally responsible. IS&T’s site-licensed McAfee products make it easy to protect your computer, for free.


  • Download and install the software for free and scan your computer now.
  • Your computer will be protected from viruses and the trouble they cause.
  • Configure McAfee to download the latest virus definitions automatically, every day.
  • Free with a BU login name and Kerberos password
  • No need to purchase a renewal contract every year.

Getting Started

  • Important: If you are installing a new type or brand of anti-virus program, be sure to (a) remove any old anti-virus program completely and (b) restart your computer before you install anything new. Skipping these steps can cause major problems.


To download select your operating system

  • Remember: You must download the latest virus definition updates for your anti-virus software after you install. New viruses are coming out daily, so make sure your program is set to perform automatic updates on a daily basis, and to scan your computer at least once each week.
  • More information is available at our McAfee VirusScan Help page for Windows