The Research Computing Services (RCS) group, within Information Services & Technology at Boston University, provides computing and visualization resources and services to support research that has specialized or highly intensive computation, storage, bandwidth, or graphics requirements. Typical applications include scientific and engineering simulation, data analysis, and visualization.

Resources are managed in close consultation with the Research Computing Governance Committee, the BU Center for Computational Science, and the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering.

The Computation Facilities have been greatly enhanced with the opening of the MGHPCC in Holyoke, MA. In addition to the University provided shared facilities, Researchers who would like their own can participate in the Buy-in Program. Those interested in getting an account on the SCC should view the Accounts Management pages.

RCS’s broadly trained staff assist members of the research and education community to accelerate the advancement of research and education. They offer tutorials and consulting and maintain documentation covering most areas involved in high-performance computing and visualization for researchers at Boston University.

Of Interest

January, 2015 – Holyoke, MA home of the MGHPCC, is chosen by Popular Mechanics as one of The 14 Best Startup Cities in America.

January 12, 2015 – Spring RCS 2015 tutorials will take place from January 21 to October 20 and are open for registration now.

August 4 – The 2014 Research Computing Buy-in Program and Cash for Clunkers programs allow faculty to Buy-in to the Shared Computing Cluster at a subsidized rate.

October 2 – MGHPCC Becomes First University Research Data Center Awarded LEED® Platinum Certification