Research Computing

Scope and Responsibilities

This committee oversees the development and support of high performance computing resources for use by BU researchers. The focus of the committee is enterprise strategies and projects related to research computing resources and prospective resources/services.


  • Ron Corley, Associate Provost for Research, Medical Campus
  • Gloria Waters, Vice President & Associate Provost for Research


  • Glenn Bresnahan, Director, Scientific Computing & Visualization. Additional IS&T staff as needed.


10-14 faculty from different schools and colleges, including the medical campus, named by the Provosts

  1. Azer Bestavros, Professor, Computer Science
  2. Richard Brower, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  3. David Coker, Professor, CAS Chemistry
  4. Richard Cornell, Associate Director, School of Music, Professor of Music, Composition
  5. Mark Crovella, Professor, Computer Science
  6. Anita DeStefano, Professor, SPH Biostatistics/LinGA, BUMC
  7. Roscoe Giles, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  8. Paul Hall, Professor, Earth and Environment
  9. Nathan Jones, Assistant Professor, Special Education
  10. Stefano Monti, Associate Professor, School of Medicine
  11. Claudio Rebbi, Professor, Physics/CCS
  12. Jim Shank, Research Professor, Physics/ATLAS
  13. Anders Sandvik, Professor, Physics, CAS
  14. Johannes Schmieder, Assistant Professor, Economics, CAS

3-5 staff/administrators named by the Provosts.

  1. Jackie Ammerman, Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Open Access

1-2 students, including at least one graduate student named by the Dean of Students.

  1. Kevin Smith – ENG

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes