Research Computing Services’ (RCS) broadly trained staff assist members of the research and education communities to accelerate the advancement of research and education.

Scientific programming consultants provide a range of assistance from the introductory use of the Shared Computing Cluster (SCC), the various programming tools and packages, and data management to program parallelization, performance measurement, and code tuning, numerical methods, computational techniques.

RCS offers classroom and online tutorials customized for the specifics of BU’s installation. A live tutorial series is offered each semester covering programming languages, high-performance computing, mathematics and data analysis, statistical computing, and scientific visualization. On request, RCS will customize presentations for courses and seminars and host workshops, user groups, symposia, and vendor training sessions.

  • Our expert staff members are available to help you make the best use of our high-performance computing and visualization resources.... more »

  • Training and reference materials for learning how to use the research computing and visualization facilities include tutorials, presentations, and online help pages. Classroom training and live presentations are also occasionally offered.... more »