Accessing the SCC

People using the Shared Computing Cluster (SCC) must be a member of a Research Computing Project. BU faculty may create a Research Computing Project, serve as the Lead Project Investigator, and add their collaborators (students, researchers outside of BU, etc.) to their project.

Managing your Project

All of the projects and accounts on the SCC are managed by a web-based system where the Lead Project Investigator (or their optional IT/Administrative Contact) submits web forms to create new projects, add users to existing projects, request resources, monitor usage, etc.

Descriptions of project maintenance, resource request, and monitoring policies and forms are available.

Getting an Account

If you are interested in using the SCC, you either need to be added to an existing project or apply (or have a faculty member you are working with apply) to create a new project. Undergraduate and graduate students interested in using the facilities, but not yet associated with a Research Computing Project, may contact to inquire about a start-up account with a very small CPU allocation and limited time duration. Once you have an account, you can view your usage, change your default project, and update contact information.

Usage Policies

Your usage of the SCC must abide by the BU Ethics Policy and the BU Information Security Policy and Guides.

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