Standard Timeline for a Unit Undergoing Academic Program Review

A unit’s participation in academic program review should proceed in a  timely manner, with the goal of integrating resulting information into  relevant strategic planning and budgeting processes. Reviews should  follow a general timetable that allows the entire review process to be  completed within 12 months. The following is an outline of the standard  timeline that will be adhered to as closely as possible:

Month 1 The Provost’s designee notifies the unit selected of the timing of that   review and initiates the review process.  Faculty input is gathered on   the elements to guide the scope of review.

Month 2 The agreement on the scope of review is prepared and the unit begins   preparations of its self-study report, including an initial meeting with   the Office of Institutional Research to discuss their data template.

Month 34 A senior member of the University faculty is invited to serve as the   internal member of the review committee.  The internal member works in   consultation with the Provost’s designee to select and invite external   members to serve on the review committee.

Months 3–7 The unit drafts its self-study report and prepares a draft itinerary.    The Office of the Provost confirms the members of the review committee   and schedules the site visit.

Month 8–10 The unit submits its draft self-study report to the Office of the   Provost.  The internal member, a CAPR representative, and the Provost’s   designee provide written comments to assist in revision; the unit   prepares the final version of the self-study.

Month 11–14 The site visit should occur during this period.  The review committee’s   report is submitted to the Office of the Provost within 2 weeks of the   end of the site visit and the unit submits a response within 4 weeks of   receipt of the report.

Month 15–16 The CAPR meets to discuss the report and response.  Ideally, the meeting   should occur within 2 weeks of receipt of the response (within ~8  weeks  of the site visit).  All documents will be transmitted to the  Provost  shortly thereafter.

Month 17–18 A post-review meeting will be held within 1-2 months of all documents   being transmitted to the Provost and a formal memo issued to conclude   the official process.

Standard timeline for program review: Appendix 7.