Paris Internship Program (Summer)

This eight-week program offers a full-time seven-week internship and an elective liberal arts course taught intensively at the start, then once a week in the evening for the final six weeks.

Orientation Schedule, Summer 2014

Semester Calendar, Summer 2014

Course Schedule, Summer 2014


Summer students must register for eight semester-hour credits: one course plus the internship.

CAS FR 300 Advanced French Grammar Practicum

(Recommended for students whose most recent French language course is a fourth- or fifth-semester equivalent) A review of the principal tools of oral and written French, this course is designed for students seeking to boost their skills, proficiency, and ease of expression in French.  Grammar review and speech acts are highlighted and practiced in order to assist students with their transition to living and interning in Paris.  In tandem with the internship, this course will help students to interact successfully with their colleagues, improve their writing skills, and gain confidence in their French abilities both in and out of the workplace.  SyllabusFrench Syllabus

CAS LF 342 Paris Aujourd’hui: French society and civilization through the performing arts

This course is conceived around theatrical, cinematic, and musical events that mark the cultural calendar in Paris during the summer term. Recent selected works include plays by Ionesco and Molière, as well as contemporary playwrights, films past and present, and French songs from the 1950s to the present.  The course includes evenings at the theater to view the selected plays.  Students will be introduced to the contemporary cultural and theatrical context of present-day France. SyllabusFrench Syllabus

CAS LF 343 La France a Paris: Paris in Literature

Using the city of Paris as a unique text, students will read its monuments and buildings and interpret selected texts devoted to the city (fiction, history, politics). The course aims to teach students not only how to critically engage with and interpret textual material, but also how to read and analyze the physical space around them. Authors include Hugo, Baudelaire, Balzac, and Zola. Visits include Medieval Paris, the Musée Carnavalet, the Louvre, passages & cafés, and the Père Lachaise cemetery, as well as famous Parisian neighborhoods.  SyllabusFrench Syllabus

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