Paris Management Internship Program

Spring semester option only

Boston University, in conjunction with Université de Paris IX-Dauphine, offers a semester Paris Management Internship Program.  The program consists of three courses taken at Dauphine plus an academic internship.

Track 1 requires four or five semesters of college-level French. Students must enroll in a French language course. The internship placement and all internship course requirements will be in French. All other coursework must be taken in English.

Track II is designed for more advanced students who have completed through six or more semesters of college-level French. Track II includes the internship course, a course about France or Europe, and two elective courses. The internship placement and course will be conducted in French. Students must take at least one of their elective courses in French.

Academic Guide for BU-Dauphine Program (Revised January 2014)

Orientation Schedule for BU-Dauphine Program

Semester calendar for BU-Dauphine Program

Academic Policies: Teaching format & Grading & Attendance

Grade Conversion sheet

Methodology: A few hints about how to approach French courses - Powerpoint

Spring 2014 Internship Documents

Internship syllabus in English

Internship syllabus in French

Internship Guide in French

Internship References

Methodology for Internship Report (Powerpoint)