Paris & London: Architecture and Urbanism Program

In this eight-week summer program beginning in Paris and moving on to London, students will study the historical development of architectural styles and aesthetics. Courses will draw on the art and architecture of the cities themselves and on their extraordinary museums. Through classroom lectures and local excursions in both cities, students will be asked to consider and account for points of similarity and difference in architectural detail and aesthetics. Students will spend four weeks in Paris, completing one course before moving on to the remaining four weeks in London to complete the second course. This program is ideal for students interested in art history, architecture and urban studies.  A typical sketch of this program.

Learning outcomes for the Paris London Urbanism Program

Orientation Schedule

Semester Calendar

In Paris, students will take the following course:

AH 383: Paris Architecture and Urbanism (4 credits)

This course traces the development of Parisian architecture and urbanism from the Roman period to the present, with a strong emphasis on the 19th and 20th century development of the city. It is designed to offer the student a sense of the dynamic exchange between architectural form, urban development, architectural theory and the larger cultural and political history of Paris. The course prioritizes first-hand exploration of the city, which requires that students complete readings and arrive prepared to relate readings to the cityscapes we visit. The course will be divided between in-class seminars (1/3) and visits (2/3). Syllabus

Paris Libraries & Documentation Centers

Course-Related Activities

Guided activities in Paris, Summer 2017

Suggested additional activities, Summer 2017


Residence Hall

The Cité Universitaire complex, nestled in the 14th arrondissement in the southern part of Paris across from the Cité Universitaire RER B metro station & on the tram line T3a  about 40 minutes from the BU Paris classrooms.  The Cité Universitaire is a complex of residence halls, where each hall corresponds to a different country.  The Cité Universitaire complex includes services, such as a dining hall and cafeteria, a post office, a bank, a theater and a park.  Students are cautioned against expecting facilities that match the standards of American dorms, especially in regards to internet speed.  The dining hall is open Monday through Friday from 11:45-2:15pm and from 6:15pm-9pm, with full meals starting at 3€25.  The cafeteria-style facility is open from Monday  through Friday from 8am-7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am-7pm.

Resident Guide (In French followed by English version)

Staying Safe at the Cité U

For more information, students can check out the websites for the Cité Internationale & the Cité Universitaire (, the dining halls ( and a website just for residents (