Health Issues

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If you’re a little sick (with a low fever, sore throat, UTI, cough or stomach pain, for example) you can go to a pharmacy to get advice from the pharmacist. Pharmacies are on nearly every block in Paris and are easy to find: look for a lit-up green cross.

If it is more serious, make an appointment with a general practitioner.

If it is very urgent, go directly to a hospital emergency room.

If you are unable to get yourself to a doctor, call SOS Médecins at 01 47 07 77 77 & a doctor will come to you (60€).

If it is an emergency dial 15 for the SAMU emergency medical assistance service or dial 18 for the fire department.

In case of a medical emergency or to open a case before going to the American Hospital, please contact GeoBlue at +1-610-254-8771 or email:

Finding a Health Provider in Paris

When looking for a health provider, start here: List of Health Providers and Counseling Services, or consult the GeoBlue website.  For those living at the Cité Universitaire, here is a list of doctors near the dorm.

GeoBlue Health Plan

Students are provided with comprehensive health and emergency travel assistance coverage through GeoBlue, as part of their program fee.

GeoBlue has set up direct billing arrangements with local health and mental health care providers, so that students do not need to make out-of-pocket payments for routine or emergency care. Coverage normally begins one day before the program’s official start date and ends one day after the program’s end date. Students may also purchase a 30-day extension of the coverage. Please pay particular attention to clauses relating to pre-existing conditions to determine whether this coverage meets your needs.

Preferred providers in the Paris region

preferred provider is a doctor or facility that has accepted direct claim payments from GeoBlue in the past. This list includes hospitals, general doctors, specialists, dentists, and psychiatrists.

For an updated list of providers, please consult the GeoBlue website. You can also use their app.

If you go to another provider not listed, you’ll need to fill out a GeoBlue claim form found on their app.

Basic Vocabulary

Band-Aid: un pansement

Condom: un préservatif

Cough: une toux / tousser

Cramps: des crampes

Diarrhea: diarrhée

Faint: un évanouissement / s’évanouir

Fever: la fièvre

Flu-like symptoms: un état grippal

Headache: un mal de tête / J’ai mal à la tête

Pap Smear: un frottis

Prescription: une ordonnance

Sore throat: un mal de gorge / J’ai mal à la gorge

Stomachache: un mal de ventre / J’ai mal au ventre

Vaginal yeast infection: une mycose vaginale

Vomit: des vomissements / vomir