First-Semester Hindi-Urdu

CAS LN 111 (4 credits)

Elementary grammar, conversation, reading, writing.

Second-Semester Hindi-Urdu

CAS LN 112 (4 credits)

Continues the text from CAS LN 111; grammar, conversation, reading, writing.

Third-Semester Hindi-Urdu

CAS LN 211 (4 credits)

Development of communicative skills acquired in the first year. Readings in Indian civilization. Practice in conversational Hindi-Urdu. Writings exercises involving more complex grammatical patterns.

Fourth-Semester Hindi-Urdu

CAS LN 212 (4 credits)

Further review of the structures of Hindi-Urdu. Practice in conversation involving specialized topics. Advanced readings in Hindi. Frequent compositions. Satisfactory completion of LN 212 fulfills the CAS language requirement.

Tradition and Modernity in Indian Film and Literature (in English translation)

CAS LN 225 (4 credits)

Topic for Spring 2015: Love in Indian Literature and Film. Exploration of the role that cinema has played in reinforcing or challenging the traditional representations of women protagonists in literary texts. Readings include premodern Indian literature and modern literature and films from South Asia. Also offered as CAS CI 390, CAS XL 225, and CAS XL 381.

Gateway to Asian Cultures

CAS LN 260 (4 credits)

Panoramic introduction to the cultures of East and South Asia in comparative perspective (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India). Examines shared foundations, transformative inflection points, sites, peoples, and ideologies over the past two millennia through primary texts and media. Also offered as CAS LC 260, CAS LJ 260, CAS LK 260, and CAS XL 260.

Modern Hindi Literature and Culture

CAS LN 303 (4 credits)

Advanced Hindi, concentrating on all four communicative skills, diverse registers, and idioms. Exposure to literature, media and other cultural materials.

Urdu Language and Literature

CAS LN 304 (4 credits)

Introduction to Urdu language and literary culture, concentrating on all four communicative skills, diverse registers, and idioms. Exposure to literature, media, and other cultural materials.

Ds Hindi-Urdu

CAS LN 491 (Var credits)

Ds Hindi-Urdu

CAS LN 492 (Var credits)