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The waitlist form is currently unavailable. You will be able to access the form when lottery results have been released in June.


Posted Wait Lists – Spring 2017

Students who are admitted off a wait list must complete an add form in the Registrar’s Office to register for the class.

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Closed Courses
Spring 2017

Course# Section Course Name Professor
LAWJD767 A1 Administrative Law Research Alexandre da Costa
LAWJD714 A1 Adv. Con Law: Citizenship, Immigration & the Constitution (S) Collins, K.
LAWJD879 A1 Adv. Legal Research Weigmann
LAWJD881 B1 Alternative Dispute Resolution Bamford
LAWJD994 A1 American Indian Law Witten
LAWJD838 A1 Antitrust Law Hylton, K.
LAWJD862 A1 Client Counseling (S) Mondell
LAWJD917 A1 Constitution & Foreign Affairs (S) Lahav
LAWJD788 A1 Contract Drafting Guest
LAWJD788 B2 Contract Drafting Cohan
LAWJD788 C2 Contract Drafting Moynihan
LAWJD788 D2 Contract Drafting Schlein
LAWJD816 M1 Corporations Marks
LAWJD819 A1 Criminal Procedure: Comprehensive Rossman
LAWJD747 A1 Discovery (S) Donweber
LAWJD777 A1 Education Law & Policy (S) Silbaugh
LAWJD958 A1 Effective & Ethical Depositions (S) Browne
LAWJD831 D1 Evidence Donweber
LAWJD846 A1 Historical Perspectives on Law (S) Di Robilant
LAWJD950 A1 Homicide Investigations & Trials (S) Meier
LAWJD857 G1 Intellectual Property Gugliuzza
LAWJD791 A1 Intellectual Property & the Internet (S) Dogan
LAWJD733 A1 Intellectual Property Law Research Fegreus
LAWJD936 A1 Int’l Development & Project Finance (S) Greiman
LAWJD858 A1 Int’l Trade Regulation (S) Caruso
LAWJD889 W1 Intro to Federal Income Taxation Walker
LAWJD908 A1 Judging in the American Legal System (S) Young
LAWJD711 A1 Judicial Writing (S) Su
LAWJD969 A1 Law and Regulation of Cannabis (S) Wexler
LAWJD797 A1 Law and War: Contemporary Issues (S) Ingber
LAWJD904 A1 Law of Consumer Markets (S) Van Loo
LAWJD826 A1 Mediation: Theory & Practice (S) Roth
LAWJD988 A1 Mergers & Acquisitions Marks
LAWJD852 A1 Mutual Funds (Investment Companies) Frankel
LAWJD890 A1 National Security Law (S) Sloane
LAWJD919 A1 Negotiated Mergers & Acquisitions (S) LaCascia/Taylor
LAWJD713 A1 Persuasive Advocacy (S) McCloskey
LAWJD822 A1 Privacy (S) Mortensen
LAWJD931 A1 Private Equity & Venture Capital (S) Collins, W./Kendall
LAWJD926 A1 Public Health Law (S) Annas
LAWJD907 A1 Representing Life Sciences Co. (S) Greenwood
LAWJD827 A1 Restorative Justice Porter
LAWJD903 A1 Supreme Court 2016 Term (S) Maclin
LAWJD878 A1 The Color Line (S) Lyons
LAWJD779 A1 Topics in Environmental Law (S) Reich
LAWJD793 A1 Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants Beck
LAWJD789 A1 Transaction Sim.: Forming/Financing a Start-Up Elman/White
LAWJD783 A1 Transaction Sim.: Intl Business Collaboration Doyle/Gilman
LAWJD773 A1 Transaction Sim.: Sale/Auction of Private Co. Coit/MacEwan
LAWJD774 A1 Transaction Sim.: Urban Real Estate/Commercial Re-dev. Uchill
LAWJD894 A2 Trial Advocacy Saylor
LAWJD945 A1 Trial Advocacy: Advanced Fahey
LAWJD871 H1 Trusts, Wills & Basic Estate Planning Hurwitz
LAWJD854 A1 White Collar Crime Josephs
LAWJD837 A1 Wrongful Convictions (S) Natarajan/Schneider



How can I get on a wait list?

If you have been closed out of a class, you are not automatically placed on a wait list! You must place your name on a wait list for the course or seminar in which you would like to enroll. You may add your name to a wait list by filling out the online form. The Academic Regulations require that a student attend the first meeting of a seminar or Trial Advocacy section to be considered for enrollment. Be advised that we strongly recommend that you attend the first meeting of any closed class if you are on the wait list—many professors will not advise the Registrar to open enrollment to wait listed students beyond the first class meeting.

When do I find out if I got into a closed class?

It is important for you to attend the first class meeting in order to remain eligible to add the class should a space become available. Once the spring semester begins, the Registrar will review the wait lists and attendance sheets every day during the add/drop period to determine if any students can be admitted to a closed class from the wait list. We will post any lists of students admitted from wait lists on the glass wall outside of our office on the fourth floor. Copies of the lists will be posted on this page once the wait lists are available. They will be updated as new wait lists are posted.

What do I need to do if I have been admitted from the wait list?

Students who are admitted from a wait list must complete an add form at our office within 48 hours of that list being posted—you will not be able to add a closed course through WebReg.

What can I do if my name is not on the posted list?

Do not panic if your name does not appear on the initial list we post for your class. For larger classes, there is often room to accommodate everyone but it may take a few days—just continue to go to the class. It is more difficult to get into seminars and small enrollment courses. Check with our staff to find out if a seminar or small enrollment class is going to open to additional students.


    If enrolled in a seminar, Trial Advocacy, Contract Drafting, or Transaction Simulation 1 or 2, you must attend the first class meeting or you will be administratively dropped from the class.