Semester Verification Reports

Instructions on running reports from UIS to check the status of the international student “semester verification”

  1. Log onto the “Faculty/Staff” Link.
  2. Scroll down to “Select Student List by College” under Administrator Tools.
  3. Follow the directions for selection.
  4. Select your college (you may choose to narrow your selection by program and/or degree/level).
  5. Click on “Show Additional Options” on the bottom of selection screen.
  6. Under Student Population – Click on “registered” and “eligible to register”.
  7. Choose “international students only”.
  8. If you wish to distinguish your new international students beginning this semester from your continuing international student population, you may also choose the appropriate selections under Continuation Codes by eliminating “entering freshmen” or the “new graduate student” selections.
  9. Push the “Get Population” Button.

(If the list of students is less than 500 and you wish to view this online, go to Produce a list on your screen)

To Produce a list on your screen

  1. Select “International Students” to get the semester verification information.
  2. You may print this page.

To Produce a list on your desktop:

  1. Choose “Downloaded” from the top of the report screen upon which your students appear.
  2. Select “International Students” – the International Student Data Category for Downloading.
  3. Follow the instructions to save the dataset on your desktop.

Information about international students should appear either on the downloaded list or on the screen list in the last three columns on the far right side of the report. These columns will report the immigration status of the international student, a date specifying whether the student has completed the “Initial ISSO Check-in” at the beginning of his/her academic program as well as the date whether a continuing student has completed the “semester verification” for the current semester. A notation of “required” indicates that either the “Initial ISSO Check-in” or the “semester verification” has not been completed.