Geddes Language Center Classrooms

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The Geddes Language Center maintains five classrooms dedicated to media-assisted teaching. All classrooms are equipped with a Lenovo desktop with Windows 10, and both wired and wireless internet. Look at the table below to see what features are available in each room.

Room Capacity LCD Projector VHS DVD Blu-Ray Laptop Hookups
CAS427 37 55″ Yes Yes Region 1 Yes VGA
CAS430 25 55″ Yes No Region 1 No Projector: VGA; LCD: VGA & HDMI
CAS530 30 60″ No Yes Region-Free via Blu-Ray Yes VGA, HDMI, Apple Airplay
CAS534 22 60″ No No Region-Free via Blu-Ray Yes VGA, HDMI, Apple Airplay
CAS538 22 80″ No No Region-Free via Blu-Ray Yes VGA, HDMI, Apple Airplay

Other CAS Classrooms

Basement 5

Basement: B25B, B27
Second Floor: CAS 204A, 204B, 218, 233, 235
Third Floor: CAS 323B
Fourth Floor: CAS 425, 426, 428

The Geddes Language Center in conjunction with CAS Information Technology has provided computing equipment in these registrar classrooms for use primarily by foreign language faculty.

For assistance with the COMPUTERS provided in these classrooms, contact

For assistance with other media equipment, including projectors, please contact Learning & Event Technology Services at Learning & Event Technology Services also maintains a website listing all registrar rooms, with detailed instructions on using media in those rooms.