Terrier Card (BU ID)

All full-time students are issued a Terrier Card that serves as their University ID card. Terrier Cards are issued by the Terrier Card Office on the lower level of the George Sherman Union.

The Terrier Card must be carried at all times and may not be used by anyone other than the student named on the card; it remains the property of the University and must be surrendered to the University upon demand.

When necessary, students may be required to identify themselves and to show their Terrier Cards at the request of a University official (this includes, but is not limited to, admission to exams, residences, and University events).

Alteration or use of the card for any unauthorized purpose will result in confiscation, financial penalty, and/or disciplinary action. Requests for correcting or changing names must be placed through the Registrar’s Office. Name changes must be supported by legal documentation or a notarized letter requesting the change.

Replacement Terrier Cards may be obtained at the Terrier Card Office. There is a $40 nonrefundable fee charged for each card replacement. Multiple replacements may result in additional fees.

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  • Will BU students enrolled in the Metropolitan Distance Education program be eligible to receive an ID card?

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