Our Research

Many organizations, including the NFL and the NFLPA, have voiced support for CTE Center research and encourage athletes to participate when possible.  Recently, when asked if league officials’ thinking has evolved, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league has “embraced research, embraced technology when it comes to the safety of our players. We always believe in getting better. We’re encouraging players to work with Dr. Cantu and all of the folks at Boston University.”

The CTE Center is currently focused on four interconnected research endeavors:

  • VA-BU-CLF CTE Brain Bank – pathological research is the bedrock of the study of disease. The CTE Center neuropathologists study brain and spinal cord tissue of former athletes to better understand the cause, progression, and characteristics of the disease
  • Brain Donation Registry – a registry of current and former athletes and military personnel who wish to donate their brain and spinal cord to the CTE Center after death
  • Clinical Studies (DETECT and LEGEND studies) – the CTE Center will conduct and support research designed to identify genetic and environmental risk factors, diagnostic tests, treatment, and more.
  • Academic Articles – a list of our most recent published and in press academic articles

If you are a researcher that wants to collaborate with the CTE Center, contact us.

The CTE Center is also affiliated with the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center