Family Testimonials

In the last fifteen years of CTE research at Boston University, we have worked with over 1,400 brain donor families. We are grateful for their generous contributions to our research and their ongoing support of our work. Without them, this would not be possible.  

Below, you can read about the experiences our donor families have had with the BU CTE Center. 

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Daryl Adamson, father of Cameron Adamson, Corporal in the Marines (posthumously promoted to Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserves)

“[The] BU CTE Center really [does] care! They help to provide the family necessary understanding and closure in a loved one’s death. The staff was incredibly friendly and professional, and knew the value of the gift we provided the center.”

To learn more about Cameron Adamson, read our full interview with his father, U.S. Navy Commander (retired) Daryl Adamson, here. 

Mike & Michele Grange, parents of Patrick Grange, the first American former soccer player to be diagnosed with CTE

“All of our experiences with the BU CTE Center have been consistently and exceptionally positive, supportive and informative. Everyone that we have dealt with all the way from secretaries – to doctors – have demonstrated the utmost compassion and empathy. We have always been treated with respect and have been shown much encouragement and also much gratitude – for our participation. Their expertise and drive is mind boggling. We could never thank them enough for ALL they do.”

To learn more about Patrick Grange and his CTE diagnosis, read our full interview with his parents Mike & Michele Grange here. 

Virginia Grimsley, wife of former NFL player John Grimsley

“Everyone was really nice. I was not really in a good head space, because when I came up there, I was still pretty devastated. It was pretty much a blur to me the first year. But working with everybody- Dr. McKee was wonderful, everybody was great. Whether we were speaking on the phone or in person, everybody was very respectful, very appreciative of everything. I have a lot of respect for everybody at Boston University in that program. They couldn’t have been any better, any nicer.”

To learn more about John Grimsley and his CTE diagnosis, read our full interview with his wife Virginia here. 

Lisa McHale, wife of former NFL player Tom McHale

“The people, the people! The dedication, the directorship of Dr. McKee, and the dedication of every one of the primary clinicians and pathologists. The hard work and dedication of Kerry Cormier in the lab. The research assistants who do such a phenomenal job of a very difficult role in working with families that are at a very challenging point in their lives. Of course, the social media people. I just believe so much in the passion and the dedication of this team. And again, it’s just been an honor and a privilege to be part of it.”

To learn more about Tom McHale and his CTE diagnosis, read our full interview with his wife Lisa here.