Donor Stories

Our work would not be possible without the brain donations we have received from nearly 1,300 families who have so graciously contributed to our research. We are very grateful for every brain we receive and each donation has gotten us closer to achieving our goals, especially identifying CTE in living persons.

We are also grateful for those who were interested in brain donation but were unable to complete the process due to technical reasons. We thank you for spreading awareness of CTE and for your willingness to share your loved ones’ stories with us.

Below, please learn more about the people who have made our research possible.

Barrett Callaghan

Barrett Callaghan was an athlete and avid sports fan and spent time playing football, baseball, golf, and basketball.

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Dennis Williams

Dennis Williams played football for over 20 years and was known for being a fierce competitor with passion and drive.

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Ed Wolf

Ed Wolf was an athlete, a serviceman, and above all, a family man.

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