Why Give?

Monetary Donations

All monetary donations go directly towards BU CTE Center operations; including but not limited to paying for brain donation transportation and handling fees, maintaining the UNITE Brain Bank tissue storage, and paying staff to continue our research. All operations at the BU CTE Center are paid for by a mix of grants and donations from our wonderful supporters. The CTE Center has made groundbreaking discoveries from relatively little initial funding, so early supporters of CTE Center research can be sure their financial support will make a big impact.

Brain Donation

The purpose of brain bank research is to help understand the long-term effects of previous brain injuries, including any association with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). This donation process is an opportunity for individuals to help further research and help protect future generations. Participation will help researchers to better understand CTE, including its neuropathology, clinical presentation and course, and environmental and genetic risk factors.

Since CTE cannot be diagnosed in living persons, it’s impossible to find the exact medical diagnosis while the donors are experiencing the symptoms of CTE. Consequently, the process of informing the families and loved ones of the donor has been reported to bring closure and a sense of understanding in the past.

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