On Campus Schedule

Below is the projected schedule for all on campus courses offered by the MET Computer Science Department on the Charles River Campus in Boston. This schedule shows the semester that each course is typically scheduled to be offered. Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to course cancellations. You may use this as a general guide to planning out your program schedule but please refer to Student Link for the official printed schedule each semester.




CS101 Computers & Their Applications Fall Spring Summer
CS200 Fundamentals of IT Fall Spring Summer
CS201 Introduction to Programing Fall Spring Summer
CS231 Programing w/C++ Fall Spring Summer
CS232 Programing w/Java Fall Spring Summer
CS248 Discrete Math Fall Spring Summer
CS341 Data Structures w C++ Fall Spring Summer
CS342 Data Structures w/Java Fall Spring Summer
CS382 Information Systems for Management Fall
CS401 Introduction to Web Application Develop Fall Spring Summer
CS425 Introduction to Business Data Communication & Networks Fall Spring Summer
CS432 Introduction to IT Project Management Fall Spring Summer
CS469 Introduction to Database Design & Implementation for Business Fall Spring Summer
CS472 Computer Architecture Fall Spring Summer
CS473 Introduction to Software Engineering Fall Spring
CS503 Windows .NET Application Programming w/C# Spring
CS520 Information Structures with Java Fall Spring
CS521 Information Structures with Python Fall Spring
CS532 Computer Graphics Fall
CS535 Computer Networks Fall Spring Summer
CS544 Foundations of Analytics Spring Summer
CS546 Quantitative Methods for Information Systems Fall Spring Summer
CS555 Data Analysis and Visualization Fall
CS561 Financial Informatics Spring
CS566 Analysis of Algorithms Fall Spring Summer
CS570 Biomedical Sciences & Health IT Fall Spring
CS575 Operating Systems Fall Spring Summer
CS579 Database Management Fall Spring Summer
CS580 Health Informatics Spring Summer
CS581 Electronic Health Records Fall
CS599 Biometrics Spring
CS601 Web Application Development Fall Spring Summer
CS602 Server-Side Web Development Spring
CS622 Advanced Java Programming Spring
CS625 Bus Data Communication & Networks Fall Spring Summer
CS632 It Project Management Fall Spring Summer
CS633 Software Quality, Testing and Security Management Fall
CS634 Agile Software Development Spring Summer
CS635 Network Design & Implementation Spring
CS651 Web Development with .NET Spring
CS662 Computer Language Theory Fall Spring
CS664 Art Intelligence Fall
CS665 Software Design and Patterns Fall
CS669 Database Design and Implementation for Business Fall Spring Summer
CS671 Systems Programming Using Unix Spring
CS673 Software Engineering Fall Spring
CS674 Database Security Fall Spring
CS682 Information Systems Analysis and Design Fall Spring Summer
CS683 Mobile Application Development Fall
CS684 IT Security Policies and Procedures Fall Spring
CS685 Network Design and Management Fall
CS688 Web Analytics and Mining Fall
CS689 Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse Fall
CS690 Network Security Fall Spring
CS693 Digital Forensics and Investigations Fall
CS694 Mobile Forensics Spring
CS695 Enterprise Information Security Fall Spring Summer
CS699 Data Mining Fall Spring
CS701 Rich Internet App Development Fall
CS703 Network Forensics Fall
CS713 Advanced Digital Forensics Spring
CS755 Cloud Computing Fall Spring
CS767 Machine Learning Fall
CS775 Advanced Networking Fall
CS779 Advanced Database Management Fall Spring
CS781 Advanced Health Informatics Fall
CS782 IT Strategy and Management Fall Spring Summer
CS783 Enterprise Architecture Fall Spring
CS789 Cryptography Fall
CS799 Adv Cryptography Spring*

*Course offered once every two years.