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Director, Alumni Relations & Development
Boston University Metropolitan College
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Connect with our growing community of alumni from MET Computer Science through the various resources available at Boston University. We encourage graduates to learn from their peers and continue to show their BU Pride to friends, family and colleagues. Your positive impact will be felt long after you leave the classroom and your journey for knowledge should never end.


Graduates can join the BU Alumni Online Community to connect with other BU alums in their area. Current students can connect with Alumni through the Career Advisory Network


For more information regarding the Alumni Network and Benefits please view the MET web site Alumni page.




Continue your education at MET Computer Science on campus with ACE-IT

The IT field continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Boston University’s Metropolitan College can help you stay ahead of the curve. We’d like to welcome our MET CS Department Master of Science Alumni back to campus by waiving 50 percent of the tuition costs on our latest graduate IT courses (500 level and above). To be eligible, courses must be taken part-time (maximum two courses per semester) on the Charles River Campus. Courses taken through ACE-IT may be used towards a certificate program but not towards obtaining an additional Graduate Degree.
Enrolling for ACE-IT is easy. Register for a graduate level MET Computer Science on campus class and then email with your student information (name and BU ID number). After confirming your eligibility, we will ensure the waiver is applied to your student account. If you need any assistance in the registration process, please email Ronette Lyle at