Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse

Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse

MET CS 689 (4 credits)

This course surveys state-of-the art technologies in DW and Big Data. It describes logical, physical and semantic foundation of modern DW infrastructure. Students will create a cube using OLAP and implement decision support benchmarks on Hadoop/Spark vs Vertica database. Upon successful completion, students will be familiar with tradeoffs in DW design and architecture. Prereq: MET CS 579 or MET CS 669 and either MET CS 520 or MET CS 521. Or instructor's consent.

2023FALLMETCS689 A1, Sep 11th to Dec 11th 2023

Days Start End Type Bldg Room
M 06:00 PM 08:45 PM EPC 204

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