Internship Options for CS Students

The Department of Computer Science offers graduate students the opportunity to receive academic credit for a part-time or full-time internships through the course MET CS 506 Internship in Computer Science (variable credit). The chosen internship must be integral to the student’s specialization of study, located at an off-campus facility and be completed in one semester (please refer to the Office of the University Registrar calendar for the accurate semester start and end dates). Students enrolled in the course will be individually supervised by a faculty member from the Department of Computer Science. The internship course can be taken a maximum of two times with each course being for a different internship opportunity and ideally with a different employer as well. Please note: Course credits received from the internship will not count towards degree credit requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduate standing in Applied Data Analytics, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Software Development or Health Informatics is required (Variable credit).
  • At least six courses must be complete towards the master’s degree program requirements.
  • Student must be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • If your internship qualifies for CPT, you will become eligible (from an immigration standpoint) to apply after you have been lawfully enrolled on a full-time basis in a degree program for one full academic year (excluding time spent in an intensive English program) and are currently in F-1 status.

Enrollment Details

Eligible students must seek formal permission to be registered for the course.  Please note the following guidelines:

  • Student must have a verifiable internship offer letter from a company in their academic field.
  • Student is responsible for identifying a professor who will function as the faculty sponsor.
  • Student will apply to the department for permission using the Internship in CS Application
  • The internship application deadline each semester is the first day of on campus classes
  • The internship course can be taken a maximum of two times with each course being for a different internship opportunity and ideally with a different employer as well.

Internship Information

Where are students getting internships?
MET CS students have recently received internships at:

Amphora, Inc.
BrainCo, Inc.
Charles River Laboratories

eBay, Inc.
Facebook, Inc.

Micro Focus
Monster Worldwide
Red Hat

Siemens Corporate Technology
State Street Corporation
Technical Consulting & Research, Inc.
Terex Corporation
Tive, Inc.
Venus Technology Ventures, Inc.

Internship Placement Assistance
Visit our Career Connection to view resources to jump start your internship search. MET Department of Computer Science also works with industry partners who have available internship opportunities for application each semester. For details on what may be available and how to apply, please contact Professor Eugene Pinsky at

Software Development Internships at Boston University
Software & Application Innovation Lab (SAIL) at the Hariri Institute for Computing offers paid internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate Boston University students who are interested an internship within a professional software development environment within a research university context. Interns at the lab have the opportunity to gain experience working with professional software developers and architects as software engineer interns, UI/UX design interns, and graphic design interns. For more information about SAIL, including inquiries for joining the team, please visit the SAIL website.

I [interned] for a consulting company called Technical Consulting and Research, Inc., as a cybersecurity analyst. It is a research position and I [was] responsible for analyzing the utilization of mobile devices at various corporations and ensuring a compliance with NIST standards as well as CUI handling…The internship is definitely worth it. Since actual work requires a different mindset from academia, it helps you to find jobs easier when you have finished your program. – Atsunori Hattori, MSCIS Alum

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

When to Apply
International students who are studying on an F1 student visa must have CPT authorized BEFORE beginning work. CPT is authorized by your ISSO Advisor for a specific employer, location, hours and dates. You should always plan to obtain the CPT authorization a few weeks prior to the anticipated start date of your internship. If there is a change of employer, job location, or dates of employment, you must reapply for CPT. Applications must be submitted by the first day of on campus classes for the internship to start in that particular semester.

How to Apply

[1] Secure an offer for training, such as an internship, from an external company. The internship start and end dates must correspond with the start and end dates of the semester in which you are taking the internship. Semester dates are available on the Office of the University Registrar’s web site: We do not offer internship placement but you may use the following BU resources to help your search:

[2] Identify a full time faculty supervisor.

  • If you are not already working with a particular full time faculty member, email the Department at for assistance in identifying a faculty supervisor.

[3] Submit completed internship application packet to Ronette Lyle ( in the Department of Computer Science. Documents include:

  • Internship in CS Application
  • Offer letter from company (must be on official letterhead)
  • The objective and location of the proposed internship (1-2 pages)
  • Justification as to how this particular internship will enhance your academic studies (1-2 pages)
  • CPT Form and Acknowledgement

If your application is approved by the Chairman, you will be registered for the internship course (1 credit for a part time position, 2 credits for full time position) and contacted to pick up the completed documents. This typically takes two to five business days.

[4] Please e-mail your completed/signed CPT Recommendation Form, your offer letter from the company, and your most recent I-94 information to your ISSO Advisor for review. Completed requests will be evaluated for approval within five business days.

For further details, please visit the ISSO web site.