Ongoing Projects

Computer Aided Diagnosis from Medical Images
Dr. Reza Rawassizadeh, Dr. Guanglan Zhang, Dr. Lou Chitkushev
With the assistance of biologists and physicians, we develop algorithms to assist physicians in analyzing medical images and extracting relevant information. Most of our work focused on image analysis, including computed tomography (CT scans), MRI and histopathology images. Some of our work such as CovidCTNet has published and won awards as well.

Data Science/Machine Learning
Dr. Eugene Pinsky
A collaborative project in data science/machine learning with the Center for Neural Imaging (CNI) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The project focus is on analysis of images for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients and on building classifiers to automatically predict and classify different stages of the disease.

Health Informatics
Dr. Guanglan Zhang, Dr. Lou Chitkushev
The Health Informatics Research Lab (HILab) contributes to the improvement of healthcare by pursuing research and development in health informatics, bioinformatics, and clinical research. Our work involves standardization and cataloging of medical algorithms, development of classification algorithms for bioinformatics, and implementation of knowledge-based systems for biomedicine.

Dr. Yuting Zhang, Dr. Shengzhi Zhang, Dr. Tanya Zlateva, Dr. Lou Chitkushev
The BUMET CyberSec Lab studies various aspects of cybersecurity, including mobile security, forensics, AI security, IoT security etc. Our lab supports both education and research in cybersecurity by engaging the faculty and students in the research projects and by the provision of educational and research resources.

On-Device Machine Learning
Dr. Reza Rawassizadeh
Due to emergence of extremely complex machine learning algorithms such as deep learning, their execution requires a complex computational infrastructure. On the other hand, there is a continuous trend of computer device miniaturization. In this project, students are developing resource efficient machine learning and information retrieval algorithms that perform clustering, classification, indexing and search on small battery-powered devices, such as wearables (smartwatches), without any connection to the cloud or edge devices.

Revolutionizing Flow, Heat and Dispersion Predictions over Complex Urban Environments
Dr. Dan Li (CAS), Dr. Kia Teymourian 
Research in conjunction with Hariri Institute. As more and more of the population lives in the city, it is more and more challenging to understand and make predictions of heat transfer and dispersion of air pollutants over urban environments. The team will use and develop the machine learning models to execute the project. It is less computationally expensive and much faster, and may better capture the small-scale variabilities. The new model could help to identify key locations for sensor deployment. The investigators aim to submit full-blown proposals to the Army Research Office at the Department of Defense and/or the Environmental Sustainability Program at the National Science Foundation.

Software Development 
Dr. Eric Braude

Multiple ongoing projects including using neural nets for post-failover system operation, PREXEL: Rapid UML class modeling for agile development, GEOPAR: Automatically creating and proving theorems in 2-dimensional geometry and new methods for large, real-world UML class models.

Computer Science & Education in Computer Science Conference (CSECS) Boston University Metropolitan College is a sponsor of CSECS and hosts the conference every three years in Boston, MA. The next conference will be hosted in 2021. The conference features papers in a wide range of Computer Science research areas ranging from Software Engineering to Information Systems Security are considered for presentation and publication in the conference proceedings. Computer Science Education topics range from introduction and evaluation of computing programs, curricula, and online courses, to syllabus, laboratories, teaching, and pedagogy.


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