About COM


The College of Communication main phone number is 617-353-3450. All phone numbers listed below follow the pattern 617-35x-xxxx.


Tom Fiedler
Email: comdean@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3488
James Shanahan
Associate Dean
Email: shanahan@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3447
Maureen Mahoney
Assistant Dean, Administration & Finance
Email: maclark@bu.edu | Phone: 3-8023
Abby Clement
Senior Accounts Coordinator
Email: amclem@bu.edu | Phone: 3-6187
Allison Hoyt
Assistant Director of Events and Conferences
Email: alhoyt@bu.edu | Phone: 3-5015
Charles O’Connor
Facilities Manager
Email: choconn@bu.edu | Phone: 3-8024
Nathaniel Taylor
Financial Manager, Chief Financial Officer
Email: ntaylor@bu.edu | Phone: 3-5509
Kim Relick
Strategic Marketing & Communication Manager
Email: krelick@bu.edu | Phone: 8-6090
Jennifer Underhill
Assistant to the Dean
Email: junder@bu.edu | Phone: 8-6431

Department Administration

Mary Chapman
Department Administrator, Journalism
Email: marychap@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3484
Mary-Ellen Oberhauser
Department Administrator, Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations
Email: meober@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3482
Kate Stewart
Department Administrator, Film & Television
Email: kbstew@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3483
Alison Keir
Division Administrator, Emerging Media Studies
Email: akeir@bu.edu | Phone: 3-7733
Amelia Mcwhirk
Program Administrator, Cinema and Media Studies
Email: amcwhirk@bu.edu | Phone: 8-2073

Development & Alumni Relations

Steve Schaefer
Assistant Dean for Development
Email: steve1@bu.edu | Phone: 8-6322
Paul Kurtz
Senior Staff Coordinator
Email: pfkurtz@bu.edu | Phone: 3-5017

Graduate Affairs

David Cotter
Assistant Dean
Email: dfcotter@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3481
Manny Dotel
Assistant Director
Email: mdotel10@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3481
Kayla Ring
Email: kbring10@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3481

Graphic Design & Publications

Laurie Herschman
Marketing & Communication, Lead Designer
Email: lhersch@bu.edu | Phone: 3-4514

Student Services & Career Services

William Taylor
Director, Student Services
Email: wataylor@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3471
Joyce Rogers
Director, Career Services
Email: jgrogers@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3490
Kelly Forde
Assistant Director, Career Services
Email: kforde@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3490
Bryan Guarnier
Assistant Director of Student Services
Email: bguarnie@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3471
Jen Weiner
Academic Counselor
Email: jnw@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3471
Erik Proctor
Academic Counselor
Email: eproctor@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3471
Ryan Thurston
Associate Director of Student Services, COM Registrar
Email: ryjt@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3471
Elisabeth Symczak
Academic Counselor
Email: esymczak@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3471
Jenn Guneratne
Manager, Student Services
Email: jennag@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3471

Web & Technology

Brad Fernandes
Technology Director
Email: bradfern@bu.edu | Phone: 8-5524
Jacob Boucher
Client Support Services Specialist II
Email: jbuchr@bu.edu | Phone: 8-1025
James Companeschi
Technical Manager, Film
Email: jamie@bu.edu | Phone: 3-6348
Jessica Fine-Sowalsky
Senior Media Technician
Email: jlfine@bu.edu | Phone: 8-1026
Jake Kassen
Technical Operations Manager
Email: jkassen@bu.edu | Phone: 8-3453
Shane Kocher
Senior Production Assistant
Email: kocher@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3453
Tim Lynch
Photo Lab Technician II
Email: timrules@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3468
Jose Ponce
Senior Production Assistant
Email: moviecam@bu.edu | Phone: 3-3498
Jon Surmacz
Email: jsurmacz@bu.edu | Phone: 8-4073
Steve Theer
Systems Administrator
Email: theer@bu.edu | Phone: 8-1023