So, you want to be a painter?
An actor?
A musician?

That is amazing. You are clearly committed and brave. Yes, brave. This is intense. It will require every bit of focus, concentration, and will. But you will achieve it. And there’s a good chance you’ll exceed it. Because that’s what students do here at Boston University College of Fine Arts (CFA).

CFA is small, but mighty. This is a close-knit community of artists and musicians all based in one college at one of the most elite research universities in the world. Not only is there an incredible synergy that comes from housing three disciplines under one roof, but CFA students study under a talented, dynamic, highly engaged faculty comprised of Broadway producers, noted artists, award-winning designers, and world-renowned musicians and scholars, including 30 members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Art and academics live and thrive together here.

At BU College of Fine Arts, education is not just about artistic rigor, but also intellectual investigation. Focused, immersive study allows you to delve deep into your discipline, while double majors, minors, study abroad, and internships allow you to expand your learning opportunities. This is where you can intersect with other disciplines and fully explore your potential. This is where you can focus on the process, not just the result. This is where you can hone your skills, push the limits, and increase your perspective. This is where you will become a multidimensional thinker.