Current + Upcoming

2017 Fall Student Showcase

September 5-October 1, 2017 Faye G., Jo and James Stone Gallery The Exhibition features the paintings, sculptures, prints, and photographs by undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Visual Arts.

Claire Ashley: (((CRZ.F.4NRS.AAK)))

September 15 – December 3, 2017 808 Gallery Claire Ashley’s large-scale inflatable objects combine painting, sculpture, installation, and performance to defy a singular definition. The coded title of the exhibition translates to “Crazy Female Foreigners Alive and Kicking” referencing Ashley’s Scottish nationality and alluding to the instability of global politics, and the temporal existence of her sculptures inhabiting and moving through space.

Geoffry Chadsey: Heroes and Secondaries

October 20 – December 10, 2017 Faye G., Jo and James Stone Gallery In Geoffrey Chadsey’s debut solo exhibition in Boston, he presents a series of nearly life-size figure drawings and smaller studies depicts a cast of characters wrought from far reaches of the internet and the artist’s imagination.