Professor Mary C. Beaudry and Travis G. Parno have published an edited volume “Archaeologies of Mobility and Movement”

Prof Mary Beaudry and PhD candidate Travis G. Parno have published an edited volume, Archaeologies of Mobility and Movement (Springer, 2013).  The book features chapters based on papers delivered at the 2011 CHAT Conference at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  Authors drew inspiration from the conference’s theme, “People and Things in Motion,” and presented fourteen case studies from around the globe that explore issues of mobility in compelling ways.








From the Book Description:

Essays in this volume build on new approaches, confronting issues of movement from a variety of perspectives. They are divided into four sections, based on how the act of moving is framed.  The first section, “Objects in Motion,” includes case studies that follow the paths of material culture and its interactions with groups of people. The second section of this volume, “People in Motion,” features chapters that explore the shifting material traces of human mobility. Chapters in the third section of this book, “Movement through Spaces,” illustrate the effects that particular spaces have on the people and objects who pass through them. Finally, there is an afterward that cohesively addresses the issue of studying movement in the recent past. At the heart of Archaeologies of Mobility and Movement is a concern with the hybridity of people and things, affordances of objects and spaces, contemporary heritage issues, and the effects of movement on archaeological subjects in the recent and contemporary past.

A more detailed description can be found at Springer’s website.

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