University Policy

School of Education Policy

Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral (EdD and PhD) candidates must register each term until all degree requirements have been met, unless granted a leave of absence. Students must be registered during the semesters in which the comprehensive exams, the dissertation proposal, and the final dissertation hearing are held.

For doctoral students, there are four registration options:

Option 1: Registration in one or more Boston University course(s) for a minimum of 3 credits. Tuition and fees are assessed at the rate of the school or college in which the course is offered.

Option 2: Registration in an independent study course, with the approval of the instructor monitoring the study and the program director, for a minimum of 3 credits.

Option 3: Registration for dissertation advisement for a minimum of 3 credits.

Option 4: Registration for the continuing study course SED ED 950. This noncredit course entitles the student to use libraries, research laboratories, academic staff, and academic facilities of the University for the purpose of completing examination, research, and thesis or dissertation work. Note: While the course carries no credit, 3 credits of tuition fees are charged for enrollment in this course.

Certification of Full-Time Status with Part-Time Enrollment

Students who are interested in full-time certification as a part-time student for loan or visa purposes should contact the SED Student Records office (Room 115; 617-353-4235; to determine whether they meet the specific conditions under which such certification is possible. Students who meet the criteria may petition for full-time certification.

Non-Degree Graduate Students

All graduate students registering for courses who have not been admitted into a degree/certificate program at the University are considered non-degree students. Non-degree students are required to register through the SED Student Records office (Room 115; 617-353-4235; Non-degree students may transfer a limited number of credit hours into a degree or certificate program (see: Transfer Credits).