BA in Chemistry

The Chemistry major, with its emphasis on research skill development, builds on a core of courses covering the principal areas of chemistry (analytical, organic, physical, inorganic, and biochemistry). Advanced courses cover the emerging areas of materials chemistry and biological chemistry, with training on research instrumentation in advanced, project-oriented laboratory courses that enable the students to explore the areas of chemistry that most interest them. Chemistry majors are exceptionally well prepared for graduate education, careers in chemical research, teaching, the chemical industry, or regulatory agencies, and, as a premedical track, for professional training in medicine and related health fields. The vast majority of our majors participate in research, with publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The Option A major not only qualifies students for certification by the American Chemical Society but also permits diversification through coupling with minors in other fields of science, mathematics, or computer science, and with the Modular Medical Integrated Curriculum (MMEDIC) program.

The Option B major, with one less course requirement, offers greater flexibility and may be attractive to students who wish to design programs with additional elective possibilities.

All students should refer to the Departmental Regulations section of the Chemistry Department page for important stipulations.


All required courses are 4 credit hours.

Core Chemistry Courses

  • CAS CH 111, 112 (or CH 109, 110, or CH 101, 102, 201)
  • CAS CH 211, 212 (or CH 203, 214, or CH 203, 204, 220)
  • CAS CH 232
  • CAS CH 351, 352
  • CAS CH 421
  • Two of the following: CAS CH 301, 303, and 354

Required Related Courses

  • CAS MA 123, 124 (127 or 129 fulfills 123, 124 requirement)
  • CAS MA 225 (or 230)
  • CAS PY 211, 212 (or 241, 242, or 251, 252)

Option A:

  • Core chemistry courses
  • Required related courses
  • Two advanced 4-credit courses in chemistry numbered CAS CH 401 or higher, excluding CH 421 and CH 525
    • These two advanced courses may be satisfied by the completion of the requirements of a major or minor in astronomy, biology, biomedical engineering, computer science, earth sciences, mathematics, or physics.
    • Students in the MMEDIC program may substitute GMS BI 751 and CAS CH 527 for CH 421, and GMS BI 751 and CAS CH 528 for CH 422; one additional course in chemistry numbered CAS CH 401 or higher is required.
    • Only one semester of undergraduate research (CAS CH 491, CH 492, CH 401, or CH 402) can be applied toward fulfillment of the advanced course requirement.

Option B:

  • Core chemistry courses
  • Required related courses
  • One additional advanced 4-credit course as described under Option A