Tina Durand

Clinical Associate Professor
Program Director for Psychology & Human Development (Undergraduate)

Dr. Durand is a developmental psychologist with a background in community-based programming for families, and early childhood classroom teaching. Her research has examined the school transition experiences of ethnic minority children and adolescents, with a particular focus on the nature of Latina/o parent involvement in children’s schooling, Latina/o parents’ cultural beliefs about education, facilitating effective partnerships between schools and Latina/o families, and culturally relevant pedagogy. Her work has employed both quantitative (e.g. correlational studies of large and small-scale secondary data) and qualitative (e.g., interview, focus group, and participatory action) methods and analytic techniques, and has included children, parents/families, teachers, community members, and school administrators.

During her past tenure at the former Wheelock College, Dr. Durand was a recipient of both the Gordon Marshall Fellowship for scholarship and the Cynthia Longfellow Teaching Award for excellence in teaching.

Ph.D. in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology, Boston College

M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, Lesley University

B.A. in Early Childhood, Boston College

SED HD 330 The Psychology of Race

SED HD 501 Lifespan Development

SED CE 341 Working with Multicultural Populations

Dr. Durand’s current research investigates the impact of dimensions of school context- in particular, the racial/ethnic climate- on the school experiences and engagement of early adolescent students of color in two urban middle schools (Roxbury and Worcester), using qualitative methods.

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Durand, T. M., & Tavaras, C.L.  (in press).  Countering complacency with radical reflection: Supporting White teachers in the enactment of critical multicultural praxis.  Education & Urban Society.

Durand, T. M.  (2019).  Overcoming stereotypes to “master our dreams”:  The salience of ethnic climate and racial diversity among students of color in middle school.  Journal of Early Adolescence.  Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/0272431619891241

Durand, T. M. (2019, September).  “It’s not like family, it is family”:  Reflections on a mentoring program for boys of color.  Phi Delta Kappan, 101(2), 52-55.

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Durand, T. M.  (2018).  Intersectionality as a framework for understanding school involvement and advocacy beliefs of Latina/o families of young children.  In S. Sonnenschein & B.E. Sawyer (Eds.), Academic socialization of young Black and Latino children:  Building on family strengths (pp. 141-164).  NY:  Springer.

Durand, T. M., & Perez, N.A. (2013). Continuity and variability in the parental involvement and advocacy beliefs of Latino families of young children: Finding the potential for a collective voice.  School Community Journal, 23(1), 49-79.

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Durand, T. M., & Evans Josselyn, T. (2016, October). Narratives of Puerto Rican middle school boys regarding salient dimensions of school context: Contradictions and possibilities. Poster session presented at the SRCD Special Topic Meeting: Babies, Boys, and Men of Color, Tampa, FL.

Durand, T. M.  (2014, April).  Engagement as process:  A participatory action partnership between schools, families, and a higher education setting.  Roundtable paper discussion presented at the 17th International Roundtable on School, Family, and Community Partnerships, Philadelphia, PA.

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