Stephanie Cox Suárez

Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Stephanie Cox Suárez is an associate professor in the Special and Elementary Education Department. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in special education assessment, children with special needs, instructional methods seminars, and “making learning visible” documentation courses.

Stephanie was a special education teacher for 15 years in public schools and at Perkins School for the Blind. Before coming to Wheelock, she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kathmandu, Nepal, where she helped prepare teachers of the visually impaired and worked with the Ministry of Education and non-governmental organizations to initiate a national special education program.

She is the founder of the Documentation Studio, which is currently transitioning to being a part of Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, where research includes working with preservice and in-service teachers to document, share, and make visible classroom learning and teaching.

Visit the Documentation Studio web pages for more information and for Open Studios for educators.

B.S. (Special Education), University of Virginia
M.Ed. (Special Physical Education), University of Connecticut
Ph.D. (Special Education and Rehabilitation), Boston College

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Cox Suárez, S. (2016, October). The What and Why of Documentation. Keynote address to the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance (NAREA) conference, Brick by Brick series, Boston, Mass.

Cox Suárez, S. (2015 and 2016, February). Making Learning Visible in the Boston Children’s Museum. Workshop for the staff at the Boston Children’s Museum, Boston, Mass.

Cox Suárez, S. (2015 and 2016, December, February). Documentation and Children with Special Rights. Workshop for the staff at the Eliot Pearson School, Tufts University, Somerville, Mass.

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Cox Suárez, S. (2014, May). Making Learning Visible. Visiting Scholar to Bahcesehir University, Istanbul with presentations to three schools in Istanbul, Diyarbakir, and Izmir, Turkey.

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