Manuel Ramirez

Doctoral Student

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Manuel (Manny) Angel Ramirez is a doctoral student in educational studies with a specialization in special education at BU Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. A first-generation Latino graduate student, Manuel’s research interests focus on equity in Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and families’ linguistic and cultural comprehension of special education laws. In particular, Manuel seeks to investigate and collaborate with Spanish-dominant families with limited or interrupted formal educations, as well as the effect of their educational gaps on the IEP process. Other research interests include attitudes toward language (monoglossia vs. heteroglossia) and teacher performance in institutions educating students with disabilities from Spanish-dominant families.

Manuel received extensive training in dual-language and bilingual special and general childhood education from Bank Street College of Education, where he acquired a master’s degree in education. He also possesses post-master’s training and experience in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL). Additionally, Manuel received training in educational leadership and administration from the College of St. Rose. He is a certified bilingual special educator in the state of New York, where he taught both multilingual and multicultural students with a range of learning disabilities and abilities.

Manny’s teaching experience includes teaching in therapeutic nursery settings, inclusive, progressive dual-language schools, and postsecondary institutions. His motivation for teaching is derived from his desire to create a bridge between immigrant communities and the Western institutions that educate them.

Pronouns: he/him

BA, Psychology and Journalism, York College, CUNY

MSEd in Dual Language/Bilingual Special and General Childhood Education, Bank Street College of Education

Post-Master's Certificate in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages, TESOL, Queens College, CUNY

Current research interests include the investigation of how multilingual and multicultural communities who are Spanish dominant and who come from Interrupted Formal Education or Limited Interrupted Formal Education backgrounds have either compounded their own educational gaps or contributed to those of their children, and how that hinders quality access and thoughtful participation in the IEP process.

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