Jennifer Bryson

Program Director, Elementary Education
Faculty Director, Educator Preparation
Senior Lecturer

Photo of Jennifer Bryson

Dr. Jennifer Bryson is a senior lecturer and director of the Elementary Education Program at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. In her research, Dr. Bryson uses socio-cognitive and socio-cultural theories of learning to examine the role of family literacy projects as a tool to bridge home and school literacy. A former classroom teacher in the Chelsea Public Schools, she specializes in the professional preparation of elementary education teachers. Her responsibilities include teaching, advising, and coordination, and supervision of student teachers in the elementary education program and the student-teaching abroad programs in London, England, and Sydney, Australia.

In addition, Dr. Bryson teaches an on-site language arts methods, leads field seminars on building a positive classroom community, and is the founder of the Teacher-to-Teacher mentoring initiative that supports BU Wheelock graduates during their first year of teaching. Dr. Bryson also facilitates family literacy initiatives at the Edward Monroe Trotter School in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and the Mary C. Burke Elementary Complex in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Her research interests include elementary education, literacy education, and family literacy.

EdD, Developmental Studies: Literacy Education, Boston University

EdM, Developmental Studies: Literacy Education, Boston University

BS, Elementary Education, Boston University

SED CH 300: Methods of Instruction 1 – 6 (Language Arts Course)

SED CH 300 Methods of Instruction: Elementary

SED CH 515 Curriculum Methods: 1-6

SED CH 555 – A1 Student Teaching Practicum: Elementary 1-6

SED CH 655 – Student-Teaching Practicum: Elementary 1-6

CAS SO 210 – Confronting Persistent Social Inequalities in American Schools: Educational and Sociological Perspectives

CAS SO 211 – Confronting Racial, Cultural, Gender, and Social Identities in the Urban Classrooms: Educational and Sociological Perspectives

SED ED 226: Teaching Matters

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