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Janine Bempechat

Clinical Professor

Dr. Janine Bempechat is a clinical professor at BU Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. She is a developmental psychologist with a deep interest in the socialization of achievement. She studies family, cultural, and school influences in the development of student motivation and academic achievement in low-income children and youth, both nationally and cross-nationally. A former National Academic of Education Spencer Fellow, her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, and the William T. Grant Foundation.

Dr. Bempechat is the author of Against the Odds: How At-Risk Students Exceed Expectations  and Getting Our Kids Back on Track: Educating Children for the Future. She is co-editor, with Margarita Jimenez-Silva, of Latinx Experiences in US Schools: Voices of Students, Teachers, Teacher Educators, and Education Allies in Challenging Sociopolitical Times and co-editor, with Helen Haste, of Civic Concepts and Civic Culture: Challenges for American Education.

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EdD, Harvard University

EdM, Harvard University

BA, McGill University

Jimenez-Silva, M. & Bempechat, J. (Eds.)  (2021). Latinx experiences in U.S. schools: Voices of students, teachers, teacher educators, and education allies in challenging sociopolitical times. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books/Roman & Littlefield.

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