Strategic Focus Areas

Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development adopted a new strategic plan in January 2021.

Strategic Focus Areas

Equity, Diversity & Belonging

Recognizing the historical, systemic, and ongoing marginalization within education and human development, we are committed to dismantling systemic barriers and taking bold actions that make the life chances of everyone equitable.


Guided by the communities we serve, we are committed to conducting high quality research collaboratively, using varied methodologies, in order to contribute to the
knowledge base necessary to transform systems that positively impact learning and human development.

Learning, Knowledge Sharing & Teaching

At BU Wheelock, we commit to academic excellence. We embrace practice- and research-informed teaching and learning that a) bridges disciplines and communities of practice, and b) builds from respect for the diversity of human experience. Our commitment as educators, researchers and administrators extends to those we serve and to our own personal growth as educators, professionals, and community members.


We believe in sustainable and reciprocal partnerships that exhibit respect and exercise humility to bring about systemic transformation through authentic collaboration.

Allyship, Activism & Advocacy

As members of BU Wheelock community, we recognize our multiple privileges, both earned and unearned. We commit to support marginalized communities and individuals in real, lasting and sustainable ways by listening to and learning from communities in order to advance intersecting causes, interests, values, and commitments.