Planning Your Return From a Leave of Absence

Advance planning is the best way to ensure the smooth return to your studies.  The checklists below may be helpful as you complete steps to resume enrollment, whether for a spring, summer, or fall return.

Undergraduate Student Return Checklists
Planning Your Return: Summer 1 or Summer 2
Planning Your Return: Fall
Planning Your Return: Spring

Graduate Student Return Steps
Graduate students must coordinate their return from leave steps with their academic area.

University policy requires that all students interrupting studies for medical reasons complete a review process through Student Health Services (SHS) prior to resuming studies.  The medical review process may also be required as a condition of, or contingency to, an exception to University policy–for example as part of approval for late course withdrawals, or when considering a request for re-enrollment after unapproved time away, gaps in enrollment, or possible return from suspension, dismissal, or withdrawal.  

The return arrangements checklists, above, combined with the medical review page, will help students map out steps so that the return to studies is as smooth as possible.

If you have questions, please reach out.  We are to help you, so you can resume studies ready to reach your fullest academic potential.