Financial Aid for Returning Students

We’re here to support your continued enrollment at BU. Whether or not you’ve received financial assistance in the past, we’d like to help you find the resources you need.

Need-based scholarships and other financial aid must be applied for every year. If you meet all eligibility criteria and your financial circumstances are comparable, you can expect at least the same amount of aid for the next academic year.

To renew a merit award, you must meet the renewal criteria for your scholarship.

If you’re an enrolled student concerned about meeting the cost of attendance, and you have not previously received University need-based aid, we encourage you to apply. Although renewal applicants receive priority, limited funds are available for enrolled students who were not offered aid as entering students, provided all eligibility criteria is met and funds are available. To be considered, a new candidate must earn at least a 2.50 grade point average (GPA) and successfully complete at least 12 Boston University credits in the prior academic year, with no incomplete (I) or missing grades.

Deadlines and Eligibility

To receive full consideration for available funds, be sure to complete your application by the appropriate deadline.

Your financial aid application is incomplete if you have unpaid charges from a prior term. Your award could be less if your balance is paid late. Check your account balance on the Student Account Inquiry tab on the Student Link.

Financial aid recipients must meet all eligibility criteria.