Financial Aid for Returning Students

NEW! We have simplified the financial aid application process and want to introduce you to the BU Scholarship Assurance. We’re here to support your continued enrollment at BU. Whether or not you’ve received financial assistance in the past, we’d like to help you find the resources you need.

Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year if you previously received BU need-based scholarship aid, you do not need to re-apply for it. The CSS Profile™ application is not required after the first year. Please note the following conditions:

  • You must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  • You must maintain the residency requirements of your Charles River Housing Grant for that portion of your award, if applicable.
  • Your award could be reduced if our calculation of your eligibility for your initial award was based on your status as a resident student and you commute from home in future years.
  • You must maintain full-time undergraduate enrollment.

We encourage you to complete the FAFSA which is required to reapply for federal and state financial aid including federal grants, state grants, student loans, and Federal Work-Study.

In order for us to include your federal and state financial aid in your financial aid award notification, please complete the FAFSA by March 1. Students completing the FAFSA may be asked to submit tax returns to verify the information supplied on the FAFSA if the IRS Data Retrieval Tool was not used when the FAFSA was completed.

To renew a merit award, you must meet the merit award renewal criteria for your scholarship.

If you have not received Boston University need-based scholarship aid in the past, limited funds are available. Apply by completing the CSS Profile™ and FAFSA by March 1.

  • Submit the 2018-2019 FAFSA.
  • Submit the 2018-2019 CSS Profile™.
    • If your biological or adoptive parents are divorced, separated, and/or do not share the same household list both parents (and any stepparents if applicable) on your Profile, as instructed. The parent you live with most must provide their information on your FAFSA and Profile. Your other (noncustodial) parent must also complete a Profile, which will be appended to your Profile later. Enter your other (noncustodial) parent’s email address on your Profile, as instructed, so CSS can send them information on how to create their separate Profile account log-in.
    • Submit a CSS Profile™ Waiver Request if getting a Profile from your other (noncustodial) parent will be impossible.
  • Submit income verification and other required documentation directly to BU Financial Assistance.
  • To be considered, you must earn at least a 2.50 grade point average (GPA) and successfully complete at least 12 Boston University credits in the prior academic year, with no incomplete (I) or missing grades.
  • If this application results in you being awarded BU need-based scholarship aid, the same amount will be awarded in subsequent years.

Federal financial aid cannot be disbursed unless any prior balance is $200 or less. Check your account balance on the Student Account Inquiry tab on the Student Link.