Planning Your Return: Fall

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This page is a year-round, general resource for re-enrollment.

  • Undergraduate students who wish to complete their re-enrollment steps in a time-frame similar to that of their currently-enrolled peers will find the suggested dates listed below helpful.
  • If you are an undergraduate on leave, please also refer to any email messages from outlining your re-enrollment steps.
Medical Review
Students who have taken a leave of absence for medical reasons must complete the medical review process with Student Health Services (SHS) before registering for classes.  Process details and the necessary forms may be found on the Student Health Services website (scroll to the section titled, “Return from Leave of Absence forms”).

January – March is the optimal time for undergraduates to complete medical review, as noted on the USC’s medical review page.  April – June is also viable, although fall registration will be underway.

If interested in on-campus housing, contact BU Housing to inquire about room availability. For more information on accommodations off campus, visit Off-Campus Services.  (For up to date information even while you aren’t enrolled, follow the social media channels for each office!) January – February
Financial Assistance
  • Complete your Financial Aid application.
  • The deadline to submit the FAFSA for the new academic year is March 1; click here for more information.
  • If you are not currently meeting satisfactory academic progress standards and wish to appeal, due to special circumstances, follow the procedures outlined here.

In the late spring, prior to your re-enrollment, connect with the Financial Assistance team via LiveChat or through an appointment, to discuss any additional steps you need to take as part of your aid reinstatement process.

January – February

and again in late spring

Academic Advising
Contact your academic advisor/college advising office to discuss course selections, and obtain your academic advising code (AAC) if necessary. If you are not certain who to contact in your academic area, please refer to the list of advising offices. February – March
Check MyBU Student to ensure you are in compliance for registration, and address any outstanding issues, as needed. Additional information about compliance may be found on the Registrar’s website. March
Class Registration
Register for courses on or after your registration date, after obtaining the necessary academic advising, your academic advising code (AAC), and if applicable, after completing the medical review process.  Log into MyBU Student to access registration functions, and review helpful video guides and knowledge articles. April
Visa Status
Please contact your ISSO advisor at least ninety days before your desired re-entry date, and after completing medical review if applicable. You may require a new DS-2019 or I-20 as part of your return; for additional information, please refer to the ISSO website. April – June
Student Account
  • Log into MyBU Student and view your bill, starting in July. Note: tuition and fees will not appear until you have registered for the semester. Click here for estimated cost of attendance figures.
  • Complete your registration and payment by the required deadline, usually about four weeks before the start of classes. Late fees will be assessed if you complete payment after the stated deadline.
Loan Deferment/Repayment
Contact your loan servicer(s) prior to your return to establish your eligibility for an in-school deferment.
Things to do prior to the start of fall classes
* Read BU Today
* Ensure you have access to all necessary course materials
* Check your BU email for important announcements
First day of the semester
Report for the start of classes.