Important: Prior recipients of BU need-based scholarship aid are not required to file a CSS Profile™. The BU Scholarship Assurance guarantees that scholarship aid will be renewed at the same level each academic year. The FAFSA is required each year to apply for federal and state financial aid.

Application Deadline

Submit the following to be received by the processor by March 1:

  • File the FAFSA to apply for federal and state financial aid
  • File forms below only if you have not received BU need-based scholarship aid in the past

Any other required documents that BU Financial Assistance requests must be submitted promptly.

Appeal Deadline

The deadline to appeal your aid decision is August 1. Additional aid may be offered if the student submits a letter of appeal to his or her assistant director documenting a significant change to the family’s financial circumstances. Appeals will not be considered without income verification.

Application Supplement for Midyear Financial Aid Deadline

Students who did not apply for or were denied financial aid for the academic year, or who seek additional aid midyear can file an Application Supplement for Midyear Financial Aid.

The filing deadline is the first Monday in November.

The CSS Profile™ and FAFSA applications and income verification are also required, and students must meet academic and other eligibility criteria.