Sam Wu

CAS ’24

  • Title CAS ’24

Sam (CAS ’24) has conducted two semesters of genomics research in the Cifuentes Lab, researching and analyzing miRNA Seed Genesis. Sam also served as a UROP ambassador in the Fall of 2022 and represented the UROP community at multiple events across campus. Sam majors in mathematics and computer science, and found an opportunity to use his computer science skills in the medical sector. Read Sam’s full interview below!

Major: Math and Computer Science

Area of Research: Genomics

Mentor: Professor Daniel Cifuentes

How did you get involved in research? 

I was looking for an opportunity to use my computer science skills in the medical sector, so I reached out to some labs on the BU Medical Campus. Prof. Cifuentes was interested in having me run data analysis in his lab, so I took up the position.

How did you meet your mentor?

Prof. Cifuentes was featured on the UROP page, so I knew he was looking for undergrads. I emailed him that day and he responded to set up an interview.

What has your UROP experience taught you?

UROP has taught me the importance of brainstorming sessions in the research field. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in your work, but when you have conversations with other researchers they can give you new ideas and perspectives that can help your research.

How has this experience helped you with non-research related things at BU?

UROP has helped me reach out to others for new perspectives. Sometimes I’ll be struggling with a problem that I’ve been tackling for a long time, and all I needed was a new perspective.

What does a day in your research life look like?

I usually head to the lab around 9:00 am, and start off with some quick coding warm-ups (pretty cringe I know). From there, I meet with my PI about what I need to accomplish for the day, and get that work done.

What advice would you give to someone interested in UROP? 

Talk to as many people as you can in the lab. Everyone there is an expert (or training to be) in some field. Also have fun! UROP really put me outside of my comfort-zone in terms of collaboration. I had to express my theories and thought-process and let others critique it, which is always scary. But when you’re surrounded by kind and intelligent people, it can be a really healthy experience that will improve your thinking.

Samuel Wu

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