Ricardo Henrique da Costa e Sousa

Assistant Professor, Medicine

  • Title Assistant Professor, Medicine
  • Office 700 Albany St
  • Phone 617.358.8755
  • Education PhD, Federal University of Rio De Janeiro
    DVM, Federal University of Rio De Janeiro
    MSc, Federal University of Rio De Janeiro
  • Faculty Profile

Dr. Ricardo da Costa e Sousa has a broad background in Physiology and Basic Medical Research, with special expertise in Neuroendocrinology. During his Doctorate he has studied how the hypothalamus controls TSH secretion and thyroid activity, focusing on the role of NPY receptors. He further deepened his research on the hypothalamic-pituitary-axis during his postdoc, studying thyroid hormones action in the pituitary and the regulation of TRH neurons. His research has contributed to our current understanding of how the brain controls the thyroid as well as how thyroid hormones acts in different tissues.

In 2019, he joined the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Weill Cornell Medicine to study how specific subpopulations of hypothalamic neurons control the HPT axis, as well as how thyroid hormones act in the hypothalamus. Recent data his team generated is promising and has the potential to change paradigms in the field. He became an Assistant Professor at Boston University in 2022. Currently, his research interest is focused on the neuroendocrine control of thyroid hormones and metabolism.



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