Lincoln Son Currie

COM ’23

  • Title COM ’23

Major and Minor:Journalism / Spanish

Area of Research: Spanish Literature

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Maurer

How did you get involved in research?

In the Fall 2020 semester, I had written a paper for Dr. Maurer’s class about Federico García Lorca’s use of apocalyptic imagery in the poem, “Danza de la muerte,” (Dance of Death) which is part of the Poeta en Nueva York (Poet in New York) poem collection. Dr. Maurer was so satisfied with my work that he informed me of a UROP opportunity in Fall 2021. That project was to create a new edition of Federico García Lorca’s one-act play, “Don Perlimplín,” which became the book (available now), “Zóbel Reads Lorca: Poetry, Painting, and Perlimplín in Love.”

How did you meet your mentor?

I met my mentor first in the Spring of 2020, my second semester at BU. I enjoyed taking that course so much that I decided to take another course with him in Fall 2020. The Fall 2020 course was focused on the study of letters, which I found interesting.

What has your UROP experience taught you?

My UROP experience taught me to how to do research using primary sources. Working with primary sources (letters, manuscripts) is how the best original research is conducted. My introduction to working with these types of sources taught me that I enjoy doing research. I also got first-hand experience with the world of publishing and what it’s like to work with professional editors.

How has this experience helped you with non-research related things at BU?

My UROP experience taught me to be responsible and accountable to myself because my mentor only met with me about once per week. So I had to track all my hours and make sure I completed my tasks because nobody was going to make me finish the tasks except myself.

What does a day in your research life look like?

My typical research day is in a reading room of an archive. In the reading room, I am usually examining letters and manuscripts for pertinent information and ensuring I record accurate citations for when I refer to the materials in my writing.

What advice would you give to someone interested in UROP?

My advice would be to put forth your best effort in all of your classes. You should also make an effort to get to know your professors outside of class time during office hours. I did not know much about UROP until my professor made me aware of it, and my professor would not have told me if I did not put forth my best effort in his class. UROP has been one of the best experiences in my time at BU. UROP gave me publishing experience and introduced me to research topics in religion and literature that turned into passion projects. These projects reinvigorated my faith in the academy and the great resources BU provides to its students. I had a great time working with Dr. Maurer and the editors at Swan Isle Press. I got valuable experience with primary sources and conducting original research, which I then translated into writing fit for publication. I highly recommend UROP to anybody who wants to try research and explore their academic interests.

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