Aaron Brakoniecki

  • Education Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, Michigan State University

    B.S. in Mathematics, Michigan State University
  • Faculty Profile

Dr. Aaron Brakoniecki is a Lecturer in Mathematics Education at Boston University. He currently teaches mathematics education courses to prospective and practicing middle and high school mathematics teachers. Prior to coming to BU, Dr. Brakoniecki studied at Michigan State University, first receiving his B.S. in mathematics, and later receiving his Ph. D. in mathematics education. While at Michigan State University, Dr. Brakoniecki worked with their elementary and secondary teacher preparation programs, serving as a Field Instructor, Course Teaching Assistant, and Course Instructor. His research focuses on preservice teachers’ mathematics knowledge for teaching and the ways in which technology impacts that knowledge.

Dr. Brakoniecki’s dissertation, “Preservice Teachers’ Uses of the Internet to Support Their Learning of Mathematics: The Case of the Pythagorean Theorem”, explored the information seeking strategies employed by preservice teachers as they searched online for information about understanding a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem and its converse, the form and quality of the mathematical connections they were able to make while searching, and the ways in which their searching strategies related to the connections they made. Other areas of professional interest include supporting teachers’ uses of technology in their classrooms, the use of concept maps as a formative assessment tool, preservice teachers’ understanding of trigonometry, and the reading of geometric diagrams in mathematics texts.

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