Poster Tips & Tricks


  • Roaming audience; observers may not know anything about your subject
  • Interactive discussion (~5 minutes)
  • Flexible content depending on the listener
  • Content should be readable from 4–6 feet away
  • Highlight important points
  • Limit the amount of text; use bullets
  • Limit fonts and design features


  • How you conducted the research
  • The steps you took
  • What studies should follow from your work


  • Present key findings in bullet points
  • How your results contribute to the broader picture
  • Acknowledge funding and technical support

Plan ahead for poster production

  • Allow at least a full business week for large poster printing
  • Some departments have capabilities for large poster printing; check with your mentor
  • UROP does not provide materials or funds for poster production

Oral presentations

  • Practice your presentation, don’t read it
  • Assume listeners know nothing about your topic
  • Set amount of time (~12 minutes)
  • Take questions at the end
  • Relax and enjoy sharing your knowledge