Photo of Hannah Pereira

Hannah Pereira


About Me:

  • Hometown: Raynham, MA
  • BU Alum & First Generation

My Advice

My advice is to take care of yourself, figure out what makes you happy, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Being a first generation college student, I always held myself to really high standards and thought I had to do everything alone. What got me through college was building a support network and getting connected to resources at BU. By engaging in conversations (as often as I had the energy to), I was able to hear how other folks managed to get through the more challenging parts of college. Part of what I learned from others was to take a breath and do what’s best for myself, whether that means asking for an extension on an assignment during a difficult time, seeking out a supportive conversation from a trusted staff member, or taking a night off from homework to focus on something that makes me feel good (i.e., meditation, sleep, exercise, whatever works for you). Do what you can to learn and challenge yourself, but be kind to yourself and recognize when you need that break. You can do this — keep telling yourself that you’re worthy of this experience and these opportunities.